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What should I do now?:'( #selftalking

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What should I do now?:'( #selftalking


Penulis: Nina

Orang biasa yang suka hal-hal luar biasa.

7 thoughts on “What should I do now?:'( #selftalking

  1. U should call and talk to me…

  2. I wanna talk to you but not on the phone..can we meet tomorrow?

  3. Okay. I’ll send u message later…I think I have to talk to u too…so many pabalatak things on my mind which are dangerous if I don’t share it to someone.

  4. Yeah me too..I think we on ‘galau’ mode now..hahaha..

  5. We? Just u, maybe :pAhahhaa…

  6. i think both of u can remaindering Quran #Murojaah duaan tah! :p

  7. Hahaha..yes Ms. Linda, we will do that..murajaah ;)Right Ifi? 😉

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